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What is Sweet Ride?

Rideshare in the 21st century should work for you, not against you. This is why Sweet Ride is creating a safe environment for passengers and drivers alike all while delivering an eco-friendly, high quality experience from the moment you hail a car to the moment you reach your final destination. And yes, it’s free; you can thank our advertising partners for that. We prefer to call them, “heroes.” After rolling with Sweet Ride, you may start thinking of them as, "heroes," as well.

Look out for our app on the Apple App Store this Spring and remember… “Don’t be a gUber... take a Sweet Ride!”

Here at Sweet Ride, we care, and here's how.


Sweet Ride is completely free due to our amazing and unique relationships with our advertising partners. These partners are quite simply HEROES in that they are eliminating fees to restaurants where your food is prepared. To take it one step further, we have also eliminated fees to our end-users. No more delivery fees. Sound pretty sweet?


All Sweet Ride vehicles are fully-electric. Sweet Ride cares deeply about the environment and aims to keep its carbon footprint as minimal as possible while serving you and the community.


Sweet Ride is passionate about listening to those within its network. Founders Chase Kozlowski and Mike Kucharski hit the streets early in the concept phase to hear from local business owners and customers who had been paying exorbitant fees during the pandemic. Listening and collaboration were key in developing a model that businesses and end-user could rely on.


To ensure a consistent level of quality among all of Sweet Ride's services, it is paramount that drivers are offered direct employment. This also means no hidden costs to you.

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Free for customers and the restaurant. No more inflated food menu items.

We only charge the minimum credit card processing fee for our restaurants. Unlike our competitors, this allows everyone to get the absolute cheapest delivery.

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